Kit Reed

Born into a Navy family, Kit Reed moved so often as a kid that she never settled down in one place, and she doesn't know whether that's A Good Thing or not. It's a very good thing in its relationship to, WHERE, in which the entire population of a small island vanishes. As a kid she spent two years in the tidelands of South Carolina—in Beaufort and on Parris Island, both landmarks on the Inland Waterway. Her fiction covers territory variously labeled speculative fiction/science fiction/literary fiction, with stops at stations in between that include horror, dystopian SF, psychothrillers and black comedy, making her "transgenred." The pitch line for this new novel came to her overnight: Everybody on Kraven Island is gone. Even they don't know WHERE.) Recent novels are Son of Destruction and, from Tor, Enclave, The Baby Merchant, and the ALA award-winning Thinner Than Thou. Her stories appear in venues ranging from Asimov's SF and The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction to The Yale Review, The Kenyon Review, and The Norton Anthology. Her newest collection is The Story Until Now: A Great Big Book of Stories, from the Wesleyan University Press. She was twice nominated for the Shirley Jackson Award and the Tiptree Award. A Guggenheim fellow, Reed is Resident Writer at Wesleyan University, and serves on the board of The Authors League Fund.

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