Stories for Chip: 

A Tribute to Samuel R. Delany

By Various

Stories for Chip brings together outstanding authors inspired by a brilliant writer and critic, Science Fiction Writers of America Grandmaster Samuel R. “Chip” Delany. Award-winning SF luminaries such as Michael Swanwick, Nalo Hopkinson, and Eileen Gunn contribute original fiction and creative nonfiction. From surrealistic visions of bucolic road trips to erotic transgressions to mind-expanding analyses of Delany’s influence on the genre—as an out gay man, an African American, and possessor of a startlingly acute intellect—this book conveys the scope of the subject’s sometimes troubling, always rewarding genius. Editors Nisi Shawl and Bill Campbell have given Delany and the world at large, a gorgeous, haunting, illuminating, and deeply satisfying gift of a book.


"I read The Jewels of Aptor in 1962, when I was fourteen. Samuel Delany had written it when he was nineteen, and I totally got that, the fantastic youth of the thing, but I was also blown away by what I didn't yet understand was the style. It induced one of the most persistent and global somatic memories of reading I've ever had, to the point that I can actually use it as a sort of time-travel device. And yes, I know he's written many novels since then, including Dhalgren, but I've always wanted a chance to say that about The Jewels of Aptor!"

– William Gibson, author of Pattern Recognition

"Samuel R. Delany sits at the crossroads of the story of SF. Explore any path--why SF matters, how, to whom--and he is there, beaming, either in person or reflected in the writers forging ahead. This book of beautiful, brilliant stories, fiction and nonfiction, shows us why he matters so much--and how, and to whom. All of us, of course."

– Nicola Griffith, author of Hild

"This anthology rocks your mind, rolls your heart, and makes you tingle all over. Nisi Shawl and Bill Campbell have curated an entertaining and provocative volume, a whirlwind tour of the mythic, science fictional landscape that Delany engendered. These stories, essays, and memoirs are sensuous encounters with Delany, an ongoing conversation in the delanyesque universe. A polymath geek fest! Stories for Chip is a perfect tribute to a creative genius, a theoretical titan, and a great adventurer."

– Andrea Hairston, author of Redwood and Wildfire

"This lovingly made tribute to Samuel R. Delany is packed with tiny delights. Stories that are as diverse as they are refreshing to the palate. A blend of so many different voices and takes on the influence of this great author--one could only dream that in the winter of one's career such a collection could be constructed in one's honor."

– Jennifer Marie Brissett, author of Elysium

"A powerful testimonial to the impact Delany has had in inspiring so many of this generation's diverse voices."

– Tobias Buckell, author of Arctic Rising

"A tribute to one of the greatest geniuses of science fiction, this diamond of a book has stories as multi-faceted, brilliant, and wickedly sharp as Delany himself."

– Ellen Klages, author of The Green Glass Sea

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