Why Stars Burn

By Kathleen Alcalá

Coming Soon

Why Stars Burn is a 210 page novel in stories set in Los Angeles. Sirena Diamond is the child of Mexican immigrants who has grown up on the cusp of two cultures. She is close to her grandmother, although they speak different languages. Her best friend is South Asian, and her boyfriend’s mysterious origin comes as a surprise even in the LA of today. 

Why Stars Burn introduces us to Sirena’s world and the mysteries that lie just below the glittering surface of life in Southern California. In a place where people reinvent themselves in order to get ahead, Sirena’s father changed their last name, her ex-boyfriend has moved to Washington D.C. and taken on the affectations of a political insider, and Sirena is torn between a predictable past and unpredictable future. Her brother returns from Iraq unscathed only to be caught in the random violence of urban life. Her friend Bullitt shows Sirena worlds she did not know existed. But who is he, really? Sirena must act as a sort of Scheherazade to weave these stories into a tapestry of life as we might know it, if only we knew where to look. 

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