American Candide

By Mahendra Singh


Voltaire's most famous literary creation, Candide, is now rebooted for the better-than-best of all possible worlds, 21st-century America. The globe-trotting misadventures of American Candide and his wingnut tutor, Dr. Pangloss, his totally hot BBW Cunegonde plus sundry suicide bombers, illuminati global warmers, insurance cults, sex-crazed illegal aliens and even the Senate Sub-Committee on Homeland Furnishings provides sufficient belly laughs to make exile, destitution, rape, murder and torture into something that happens to other, mostly foreign people, thank God.

From the jungle slums of darkest Africa to the lily-white McMansions of American suburbia, the human condition wreaks havoc upon Candide and his friends as they search for an American Dream being held against its will in an undisclosed location. College-boy sissies will call it a Juvenalian satire upon America's penchant for mindless optimism and casual racism but Candide says it's really 'rage against the rage, Voltaire-dude!'


"American Candide makes fun of modern culture’s obsession with money and the calamities politics get us into. At the same time, it reminds us that too often US citizens sanction their actions and values with the over repeated attitude of Americans’ 'superiority.'"

– John Tamarri, Pop Matters

“Singh offers acruel fun satire of the neo-optimism that underwrites blind belief in 'the better-than-best of all possible worlds, 21st-century America'. The novel’s satirical sting is simultaneously sweetened by intense humor and painfully amplified by the cruel realism underneath Singh’s zany hyperbole.Tell all the truthbut tell it slant, as the poet advised.”

– Biblioklept

“This slim novel is a welcome revival of the picaresque novel best represented by Cervantes’Don Quixoteand Voltaire’s Candide. If you’ve read the originalCandide, you will be delighted with this modern-day version. If you haven’t, you might be inspired to return to the classics. Mahendra Singh is a highly original satirist with the sharp bite of an Ambrose Bierce.”

– Montréal Serai

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