Sunshine Patriots

By Bill Campbell


Rebellion erupts on the "paradise" planet of Elysia, plunging the colony into chaos. In response, the all-powerful United Earth dispatches its elite corps of cyborg soldiers, led by Aaron "The Berber" Barber.

For a hero celebrated galaxy-wide for his acts of bravery against alien hordes, a ragtag group of colonized miners with antiquated weapons should be no challenge. But Barber and his soldiers are unprepaed to meet the most dangerous enemy yet--humans just like them. And on Elysia, the soldiers discover dangers that neither United Earth nor the Elysians themselves could have foreseen. The secrets Barber and his soldiers uncover lead them to question the true meaning of freedom in a world where nothing is what it seems.


"[Campbell's writing] is at once inventive, funny, and poetic. There is a brilliant future in his imagined worlds".d shines with a furious, distinctive, and compelling energy all its own!"

– Darius James, author of Negrophobia and That's Blaxploitation: Roots of the Baadasssss ‘Tude!!!

"Reads like an unlikely collision between William Burroughs, J.G. Ballard, and Robert Heinlein ...Sunshine Patriots quickly reaches critical mass and shines with a furious, distinctive, and compelling energy all its own!"

– Tony Daniel, author of Metaplanetary

"As these are historic times, many works of literature are bound to be

inspired. Campbell'sSunshine Patriots deserves attention as such a work."

– Kim Thorpe, Boston's Weekly Dig

"A jazzily written, satirically tinged story."

– Bill O'Driscoll, Pittsburgh City Paper

"[Bill Campbell has] founded an entirely new literary genre."

– Pamela Zoslov, Cleveland Free Times

" Sunshine Patriots is outrageous and brilliant. Its characters will intrigue and enrage you; its story is as familiar as an old shirt and as wondrous as a soothsayer's vision. Few authors have both the skill and the chutzpah to push the frontiers of science fiction this far, and this well."

– Kavita Philip, author of Civilizing Natures

"A real page-turner, and very thought provoking besides. I didn't want to put this one down. Every scene played out before me like a movie. This was a very good book. The characters were well developed and three dimensional. I got into them right off. The setting was also very well developed. I could almost smell the alien colony while I was reading. Good work. Bill Campbell is a name to watch. I predict more good books from him in the future."

– Dan L. Hollifield, Aphelion Review

"In his debut novel,Sunshine Patriots , author Bill Campbell presents an oppressive techno-corporate political machine presiding over a Unified Earth, unified primarily in its abject poverty and desolation. The book ... portrays an Earth as global slum, from which forced enlistment in the armed services constitutes the only "escape" for the brutalized classes. Rife with dystopian themes, Sunshine Patriots also reveals a wry and literate sense of humor (a lead character, the Jamaican war hero Aaron Edmund Barber, known as "the Berber," nominally evokes two of Shakespeare's most compelling villains), a sure ear for slang and the expressive richness of subculture, and an intriguing sociopolitical motivation. In other words, unlike in the bulk of the sci-fi canon, it isn't always the Anglo/Asian who saves the day, and it isn't always the black guy who gets it in the neck."

– John Rodat, Metroland (Albany, New York)

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