By Alex Smith


Pain, hope, and love collide in this explosive collection of speculative fiction. Arkdust demands revolutions while seeking compassion and understanding. Alex Smith gives us abandoned Black Panthers, disillusioned queer anarchists, warrior queen grocery clerks, all fighting for a better future against sadistic superheroes and white supremacist automatons—while a high-heeled bag lady with utopia in her eyes leads the way. Worlds we hope to never see and only dare to imagine, Arkdust challenges and implores the reader to explore the unimaginable to make all worlds possible. As Samuel R. Delany says, “You should be in that armchair, this word-wonder in your hand, reading...”


“Get this extraordinary collection of stories! Now! They're worth it! The sensibility is SF, but I wouldn't call them that. The language is explosive, energetic. You should be in that armchair, this word-wonder in your hand, reading.”

Samuel R. Delany

"Superbly crafted, Arkdustis a harrowing, action-packed, wildly imaginative collection of stories. More than simply revealing us to ourselves and warning us of impending doom, it exposes how there really is no line between the apocalypse and the now; this is the end and no one told us—certainly not so creatively. This book is vivid, terrifying, rebellious, and dazzling. What a fever dream. What a clarion call. It will stay with me for a very long time. Alex Smith is a master storyteller.”

Robert Jones, Jr., author of The New York Timesbestselling novel,The Prophets

"A sharp sweet hit of the weirdest, hottest drug you ever took. Every page is splattered with sex and action and heart and blood and I couldn't f*cking stop reading."

Sam J. Miller, Nebula-Award-winning author of Blackfish Cityand Boys, Beasts and Men

"Alex Smith is criminally slept-on. Arkdust explodes onto the scene in a flurry of stardust and cosmic radiation. From time-lost activists to fallen queer superheroes, this book conjures image after image and world after world glowing with energy, humanity, and unmatched vision. The world is a better place because this book, this talent exists!"

Alex Jennings, author of The Ballad of Perilous Graves

“Arkdustadds the texture and “divine mingle-mangle” of unapologetically Black and queer lives to vibrant, Delanyesque speculative fiction, which ranges from superhero stories to futuristic cyberpunk to experimental weird fiction. Smith’s technicolor prose practically jumps off the page, leaving after-images that shiver and glow.”

Craig Laurance Gidney, author ofA Spectral Hue and The Nectar of Nightmares (Stories)

“Alex Smith’s debut collectionArkdustis a strong mix of nine science fiction, fantasy and horror stories with several robust standouts bursting with ideas and imagination.”

Strange Horizons

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