Suzy Samson, the world’s greatest heroine, is back battling her toughest foe: middle age. Having given up her powers and crime fighting career for married life long ago, Suzy suddenly finds herself forty, divorced, and overweight. 

Forced to move in with her former nemesis turned best friend, Girliath, Suzy has begun reclaiming her life. With Girliath as her new partner, Suzy renews her war on injustice. Armed with her father’s unbreakable jawbone club and impenetrable lion skin, Suzy tries to rediscover who she is and her place in the world. Regaining her strength over time, Suzy continues her struggle to set the wrong things right. 

No matter if she is fighting paramilitary girl scouts, mystical beasts, or dealing with the emotional fall out of divorce, Suzy Samson is stronger than ever!

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Suzy Samson

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