A raunchy, fun Afrofuturistic adventure with amazing art and a bizarre plot

These women are truly baaaad. They're rough. They're ready. They're space pirates. They're a James Brown cover band. They are the BAAAAAD MUTHAZ. Follow Afro Desia, Cali Vera, Alley Bastard, Candy Ass, Katana Jade, and Snake on their madcap cosmic adventures as they funk up the galaxy in search of the almighty booty!


Baaaad Muthaz


"It’s a booty-licious throwback, stuffed with references that will likely go over the heads of anyone who wasn’t immersed in black subculture during the Nixon-through-Reagan years. Much of the minimalist artwork evokes the look of psychedelic black light posters and album cover art of the post-hippie era, and is as funky as the music and movies from which it draws inspiration. Campbell and company’s retro groove is perfect for those who appreciate trippy exuberance."

Publishers Weekly

“Every page is joyful explosion of colourful action and I cannot imagine anyone reading this without getting a huge buzz out of it.”

Sci Fi Comic Nexus

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