New Dimensions in International Science Fiction

By Various

Steampunk takes on Southeast Asia in this anthology The stories in this collection merge technological wonder with the everyday. Children upgrade their fighting spiders with armor, and toymakers create punchcard-driven marionettes. Large fish lumber across the skies, while boat people find a new home on the edge of a different dimension. Technology and tradition meld as the people adapt to the changing forces of their world. The Sea Is Ours is an exciting new anthology that features stories infused with the spirits of Southeast Asia's diverse peoples, legends, and geography.



"A mind-bendingly adventurous collection with story content as diverse as its authors."

– AJ Hartley, New York Times best selling author of the Steeplejack series

"Future Fictionoffers a selection of imaginative, adventurous sci-fi by international authors - and that is what makes this collection so welcome and exciting. These stories take place in every part of the world and are told in distinct, diverse voices. Whether their focus is transhumanism or ecological devastation, space travel or techno-dystopia, they remind us that future does not happen to a select few, but to everyone, everywhere. Highly recommended reading for anyone open to expanding their idea of international science fiction."

– Emmi Itäranta, author of Memory of Water

"Future Fictionis a futuristic compendium of wonder and fear filled with mind-shattering technologies and cutting-edge sciences. ... Amustfor any science fiction reader on the hunt for an immersive, gripping, raw read."

– Monica Valentinelli

“If you’ve been looking for an excellent collection of international speculative fiction—fiction that interrogates humanity’s technological, moral, and, evolutionary trajectory; fiction that doesn’t hesitate to probe our darkest fears and secret desires—if you’ve been looking for something like that, look no further.”

Strange Horizons

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