Kate Osias

Kate Osias has won four Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature, the Gig Book Contest, Canvas Story Writing Contest, and the 10th Romeo Forbes Children’s Storywriting Competition. She has earned a citation in the international Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror for her story, “The Riverstone Heart of Maria dela Rosa” (Serendipity, 2007).

Her works appear in LONTAR: Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction #1, in various volumes of the Philippine Speculative Fiction, Horror: Filipino Fiction for Young Adults, Maximum Volume, and the WFC Unconventional Fantasy (2014). Her updated bibliography can be found on her Facebook timeline. She co-edited the sixth and seventh volumes of Philippine Speculative Fiction.

Kate is a proud founding member of the LitCritters, a writing and literary discussion group. Occasionally, she ventures out into the real world to hoard chocolate and shop for shoes.