Super Sikh: a superhero in a turban fighting injustice and ignorance.


A Rosarium/Formless Media Ventures project.





Meet Deep Singh. He loves Elvis and hates the Taliban. By day he works at a tech company and lives with his parents. But that's just a front. For Deep Singh is really a top secret agent for the United Nations, fighting terrorism all around the world.

But right now, he really needs a vacation. And there's only one place to go … Graceland!


“Is the world ready for America's first Sikh superhero?”

 —Al Jazeera AJ+



“I.T. employee by day, ass kicker by night… Say hello to the Elvis-loving Super Sikh!”



“He loves Elvis, hates the Taliban and a Kickstarter campaign for the comic book reached its target in 27 hours–so can Deep Singh also fight prejudice in America?”

—The Guardian



“Secret agent Deep Singh is here to narrate a story where 'justice wins, bullies lose' and the West is hooked.”

—The Telegraph



“Beyond Impossible: Super Sikh makes diversity cool!”




“With the infectious energy of a Saturday morning cartoon Super Sikh is loads of fun...”




“Super Sikh is bad-ass.”

—Scott Sanders (Writer/Direct, Black Dynamite)



“It's a really good looking comic.”

—Dave Hopkins (Nostalgia and Comics, Birmingham UK)



“Super cool looking book? Check. Loves Elvis? Check and double check. It's a no brainer!”

—Michael Pandolfo (Dr. Comics and Mr. Games, Oakland)



“We love Super Sikh!”

—Kevin Hickey (Stadium Comics, Ontario, Canada)



“Super Sikh nails it so well that the first page in you focus less on the fact that your hero is a Sikh and honestly just get lost in the story.”

Desi Girl Magazine



“The recently released Intro Issue of Super Sikh, an action comic book created by the successful Kickstarter project of Silicon Valley natives Eileen Alden and Supreet Singh Manchanda and illustrator Amit Tayal, is a welcome reprise to the white, typically American, spandex-clad collection of superheroes popular in media and entertainment today.”

—The Kajal Collective



“Given the circumstances in the US, where Sikhs are being continuously targeted racially because of their turbans, beards and scarves, this comic should aspire nothing short of mainstream American readership to generate more awareness about Sikhs.”
The Hindustan Times



“Sikhs have historically known to be defenders of equality and justice, but how does the future generation connect with this past? New animation films on Mai Bhago and secret agent Deep Singh could well be the answer.”

—The Times of India



“Mr. Singh is grounded in reality and the universal values of his faith.”

—Outlook India



“Move over, Batman. There is a new crime-fighting stud in town, and you’ve never seen a superhero quite like him before.”

—Brown Girl Magazine