Bryan Thao Worra

Bryan Thao Worra is author of Demonstra (2013);  Barrow (2009); Winter Ink (2008); On the Other Side of the Eye (2007); and The Tuk-Tuk Diaries: Our Dinner with Cluster Bombs (2003). His work appears in over 100 international publications, including Astropoetica, Cha, Asian Pacific American Journal, Hyphen, Lantern Review, Kartika Review, Journal of the Asian American Renaissance, Expanded Horizons, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Strange Horizons, Tales of the Unanticipated, and Innsmouth Free Press. He was selected as a Cultural Olympian during the 2012 London Summer Olympics’ Poetry Parnassus convened by the Southbank Centre. He works on Lao and Southeast Asian American refugee resettlement issues across the United States.

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