About Shattered Prism


SHATTERED PRISM is a science fiction and fantasy magazine. We publish all types of speculative fiction being written by new and established authors from around the world: hard SF, soft SF, military SF, sociological and psychological SF, fantasy, urban fantasy, folktales, alternative history, and more. We are very interested in both traditional storytelling and stories that push boundaries.


We believe diversity is what makes humanity interesting and unique, and we wish to celebrate that diversity by publishing the best works from peoples of all nations, ethnic backgrounds and orientations.


We will publish in May and November. You will be able to read SHATTERED PRISM online or purchase an ecopy for download. BEST OF anthologies will also eventually be available in both ebook and paperback formats.


The editors are Carmelo Rafala and Amir Naaman.

Carmelo Rafala

Amir Naaman

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