By John Jennings


1931. Bronzeville. Chicago.


The mage, Frank "Half Dead" Johnson, is a marked man. Literally. A drunken decision fueled by tragedy has left him with half a soul, sorcerous powers, and two centuries to work off his debt to Scratch (aka The Devil) himself.


Blue Hand Mojo: Hard Times Road.


This graphic novel by artist/writer, John Jennings, chronicles three adventures with this tragic conjure man. Watch as "Half Dead" attempts to save his own soul, pay his debt, and help as many people as he can along the way.


It's a hard-hitting Hoodoo Noir highball with just a splash of Southern Gothic. Smack-dab in the dark heart of the Windy City.


Hold on tight! It's going to be a bumpy ride down Hard Times Road.

Blue Hand Mojo: Hard Times Road


By Ayize Jama-Everett


When Black graduate student, Lyndsey, begins her dissertation work on a mysterious box that pops up during the most violent and troubled time in Africana history, she has no idea that her research will lead her on a phantasmagorical journey from West Philadelphia riots to Haitian slave uprisings. Wherever Lyndsey finds someone who has seen the Box, chaos ensues. Soon, even her own sanity falls into question. In the end, Lyndsey will have to decide if she really wants to see what’s inside the Box of Bones.


Described as “Tales from the Crypt Meets Black History,” Box of Bones is a supernatural nightmare tour through some of the most violent and horrific episodes in the African Diaspora. Jama-Everett and Jennings have assembled a talented group of artists for this ten-issue project, including cover artist, Stacey Robinson (I Am Alfonso Jones), David Brame (MediSIN), Avy Jetter (APB: Artists against Police Brutality), and Tim Fielder (Matty’s Rocket). The first issue (penciled by Jennings) will appear digitally later this fall with the first five-issue trade paperback appearing in late summer 2018.

Box of Bones


By Liz Mayorga


Meet Liana Caudillo, a young Latina, who loves music and aspires to design album covers in her beloved San Francisco. Like many other artists in the city, Liana works at the de Young Museum Café. Yet, despite being surrounded by art all day, San Francisco's growing gap between rich and poor and its growing homogeneity become a challenge. Liana doesn't find the bohemian city she once dreamed about. Instead, she is surrounded by other service workers, who, like her, are struggling to simply survive. With the daily struggle consuming so much of her life, Liana wonders if she will ever find the time, the peace of mind, or even the inspiration she needs to pursue her dreams.

Bread & Butter


By J. M. DeSantis


The shadowy order known as the Tal-Ifatiir is on a quest to destroy the demon lord, Aghal-Paraag. So, their leader, the Immortal Ralaan ad-Zaliir, sends them into an unknown land to capture the demon lord's servant: a powerful witch with nefarious goals of her own.


However, Chadhiyana, the order’s first female member, holds a horrible secret from her past and is plagued by troubles she's afraid to reveal. As the company journeys to Aghal-Paraag’s prison, one misfortune after another befalls them. What can be the source of their troubles? The witch? The demon lord himself?


Perhaps it is Chadhiyana or the secret she has sealed behind her closed lips.



By Vincent Sammy


Echo Gear is a "hybrid codex," a mash up of imagery, text, sequential art, editorial and advertorial nodes. A story told in codes, puzzles, wordplay, and cross-referenced archaic media.

Echo Gear


By John Jennings, Stacey Robinson and Damian Duffy


Kid Code: Channel Zero is a rollicking, cosmic, time-traveling adventure, fusing classic hip-hop culture and outlandish sci-fi fantasy in this alternate universe to create the ultimate mash-up.


Everything's a remix! And Kid Code and his comrades must fight against The Power, who eons ago sampled the first sounds made from the God MC and created the Dark Mix (a version of the universe that was never intended).


Now there's a race against and for time throughout the universe to assemble The Everlasting Cosmic Mixtape--nine tracks that can re-assemble the God Sample and help set things back on course.


The adventure starts here in Kid Code: Channel Zero.


It's time for some action!

Kid Code: Channel Zero


By James Moffitt and Bizhan Khodabandeh


“ A visual feast with an enduring story – a real coup for the team behind The Little Red Fish.”


– Navid Kohnsari, Creator of 1979 Revolution–The Game.


The Little Red Fish is a masterpiece of allegorical storytelling. Khodabandeh and Moffitt have created a gorgeously stylized world that packs a powerful punch.”


–Noah Scalin, founder of Another Limited Rebellion Creator of the Skull-a-Day Project.


An aquatic reef held down by an oppressive regime of blood-thirsty heron struggles to rise up in this harrowing tale of self-discovery, heritage, and revolution. The Little Red Fish retraces the events of the Iranian Revolution portraying events from the perspective of those actually involved. Part historical text, part guerilla warfare, The Little Red Fish is a six-part series focused on highlighting an often overlooked part of history. Oh, and there’s that magical orb thing…

The Little Red Fish


By Keith Miller & Ian Gabriel


The Aryan race warrior. A Colombian drug lord. A Korean hit man. A career stick-up man.


The wrong guy at the wrong place at the wrong time.


The puke Cho-mo-kiddy-toucher.


And you!


This ain’t the Breakfast Club and these are ain’t your new friends. Welcome to the Protective Housing Unit (PHU), home to some of world’s worst criminals—many of whom so reviled they must not only be shielded from the American public, but the general prison population. This is your new life.


Simon, a white-collar criminal, is a new transfer to Pensacola Federal Prison Camp. He’s having a hard time adjusting to prison culture, and his newfound “friends” aren’t all that interested in making his new life any easier. Everyone in the PHU has his own agenda; alliances are, at best, temporary; and even the notion of friendship is laughable. But all that is about to change. This brutal yet familiar life they’ve all grown accustomed to is about to come to an end as a mysterious stranger is transferred to their unit and these hardened inmates start to die… Horribly.


One at a time.


Manticore is a 5-part prison horror comic book series by the talented duo, Keith Miller and Ian Gabriel. Keith is the writer behind Triboro Tales, Insensitives, and the forthcoming Rat Ronin zombie tale, Infest. This is Ian’s first professional comic book title.



By Joyce Chng & Kim Miranda


More than anything, young Ho Yi wishes to become a Sun Dragon Rider, the courageous human guardians of the magnificent beasts that roam the sky and keep watch over the land. But confined to crutches, bullies giving him a hard time, and his parents being away at war, Yo Hi is up against almost impossible odds! Can he still keep hope alive, while suffering in his tiny village, to become the valiant hero only he feels he's destined to become?

Sun Dragon's Song


By Eileen Kaur Alden, Supreet Singh Manchanda & Amit Tayal


Super Sikh: a superhero in a turban fighting injustice and ignorance.


A Rosarium/Formless Media Ventures project.

Super Sikh


By Anthony Summey


Suzy Samson, the world’s greatest heroine, is back battling her toughest foe: middle age.  Having given up her powers and crime fighting career for married life long ago, Suzy suddenly finds herself forty, divorced, and overweight.


Forced to move in with her former nemesis turned best friend, Girliath, Suzy has begun reclaiming her life.  With Girliath as her new partner, Suzy renews her war on injustice.  Armed with her father’s unbreakable jawbone club and impenetrable lion skin, Suzy tries to rediscover who she is and her place in the world.  Regaining her strength over time, Suzy continues her struggle to set the wrong things right.


No matter if she is fighting paramilitary girl scouts, mystical beasts, or dealing with the emotional fall out of divorce, Suzy Samson is stronger than ever!



By Candy Briones


In the smoggy, run-down town of Ditz City, cats and dogs don't get along. A very unfortunate situation for Taco Fluffy, who is constantly caught in the middle!


Taco is an offbeat, adopted cat with a soul of a dog and the eagerness of a cat, who has the uncanny ability to turn any situation from good to bad and from bad to worse. He often drags his recluse sidekick, Furr-ball, kicking and screaming along for the ride—with his sadistic nephew, Mini, often lurking in the shadows, loving nothing more than to cause Uncle Taco pain.


With a wild cast of characters (from a long-lost father to a bloodthirsty pack of wild biker dogs), Taco El Gato pokes fun of all life (earthly and supernatural) has to offer in a city that could only be the half-crazed love child of Los Angeles and Toon Town.