Lisa M. Bradley

Lisa M. Bradley is a Tejana who has lived in Iowa for half her life. She grew up in deep South Texas, before the construction of the Border Wall. Not coincidentally, she writes about boundaries and those who defy them in works ranging from haiku to novels. Her work regularly appears in journals (Strange Horizons, Uncanny Magazine, Polu Texni) and anthologies (The Moment of Change, Sunvault, the Rhysling Anthology). Her first collection is The Haunted Girlfrom Aqueduct Press. Her first novel, Exile, is forthcoming from Rosarium. In articles and conference presentations, she honors the often-overlooked speculative elements in work by Latina poets, including Gabriela Mistral, Sara Estela Ramirez, and Alfonsina Storni. For more information, including a selected bibliography, see her website:

You can also follow her on Twitter (@cafenowhere), where she tweets about writing, resistance, art, animals, Latinx issues, immigration, and disability.

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