Keith Miller

Keith A. Miller was born but not completely bred in Brooklyn, New York. When he’s not busy corralling thirteen-year-olds (he's a teacher), he writes independent comics. He likes to play around in the science-fiction and urban fantasy genres but is not above a good slice-of-life graphic novel. He is the co-creator of Triboro Tales and Insensitives. His latest graphic novella, Infest, will hit the convention floors in 2015. He is currently producing the prison horror tale, Manticore, for Rosarium Publishing.

Miller is a graduate of CUNY Queens College, where he received a degree in Comparative Literature and Cultural Anthropology, and CUNY Law School. His interests lie in telling speculative fiction stories of people generally not represented in genre fiction so that the plucky character of color will not die first. He is currently working on his first novel.

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