Eileen Kaur Alden

Eileen Kaur Alden is the Co-Creator and Writer ofSuper Sikh® Comics. She is a Sikh, a single mom, and hails from Oakland, California. Together with Co-Creator Supreet Singh Manchanda and award-winning artist Amit Tayal, the team launched 

Super Sikh comics with a successful kickstarter in 2015 and continues to bring the adventures of Secret Agent Deep Singh to fans all over the world.


From Eileen:

I started reading comics in the mid 90's. I gravitated toward the alternative side of comics and art because I loved the independent spirit, diversity, edginess and unique ideas there, and that was my doorway into the genre. I have never waved a Marvel or DC Comics banner. I could fill the page with books I read that I thought were cool or resonated with me in some way, but at the top of my mind this moment I would include the work of people like Neil Gaiman and Dave McKeon, Dave Mack, Craig Thompson, Marjane Satrapi, Art Spiegelman, and of course Frank Miller and Alan Moore.

There is a great Independent Comic Expo called "APE" that happens every year in San Francisco, and I've been going there for over a decade, draining my bank account on cool art and indie comics. I think maybe I should have known at that point that one way or another I would find myself diving in.

I've written screenplays, directed films, been in bands, and run indie record labels, all for the love and passion of creating art and connecting with people.

It's amazing to have so many things coming full circle in my life in a positive way, grateful for the support of family, friends, and an incredible spiritual community. And I feel so very fortunate to have finally found my artistic home.

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