Liz Mayorga

Liz Mayorga is a working class artist from Southeast LA. She was raised in her parent’s restaurant, where a strong demand for tacos and burritos taught her how to hustle, but where art didn’t seem to have a place. But luckily, she also grew up in the 90s, LA’s Punk and Hip Hop movements shaped her ambitions in DIY art. Liz moved to the Bay Area for college. She has since become an organizer of the San Francisco Zine Fest, and has self-published her stories and comics as zines. Her stories are often about class and identity, popular culture, and horror. Some of her zines include: "Outgrowing Plastic Dolls," "A Caxcan Guerilla takes over the Awkward Girl," "Inked," and "Monstrous Love Stories." Her work has been featured in Tayo Literary Magazine, Apuentes Literary Journal, Atom Magazine, and Razorcake. She enjoys working with Youth and leading zine workshops.

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