Carmelo Rafala

Carmelo Rafala’s work has been published in various venues, including the following anthologies: Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R. Delany (Rosarium Publishing, July 2015), Submitted For Your Approval (Rod Serling Books, April, 2015), The World and the Stars (Chris Butler/Deborah Jay, April, 2015), The Anthology of European SF (Europa SF, 2013), The Fourth Science Fiction Megapack (Wildside Press, 2012), Rocket Science (Mutation Press, 2012), and The West Pier Gazette and other Stories (Three Legged Fox Books, 2008).

His work was also placed on the Highly Recommended list for the Nova Short Story Competition, hosted by the Science Fiction and Fantasy South Africa Association (2013). His work has recently been translated into Romanian.

He also is Editor and Publisher of Immersion Press, a small UK press of award-nominated speculative fiction.

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