By Subodhana Wijeyeratne

Coming Soon

Triangulum is the story of an epoch-defining conflict between two powerful entities—the Dawn and the Night.

Set in a distant future where humanity has forgotten much of its past—and where genetic modification has created divergent species on each of the solar system’s planets—Indra, a “pure-bred” boy from Prithivi (Earth) whose family is betrayed, is sold into slavery. After being castrated, he befriends the girl Kadrū, a girl sold into slavery by her own mother. Their love for each other binds them together across the system and the years this story encompasses.  

Both end up aboard the juggernaut Skо̄lex—a vast, living starship (vimana) and home to the Night. Here they discover that the Night, Dawn, and their associates—the Ox, the Huntress, the Charioteer, and others—are not, in fact, gods as they’ve been thought.

They are rather powerful aliens from the distant Triangulum galaxy who came to the Solar System for their own reasons. Here, they discovered a humanity they regarded as overly divided and not living up to its potential. They attempted to delete humanity’s history in order to free it from its own past. But instead of truly setting them free, the Dawn chose to set herself up as the empress of the system and drove the Night away.

Now, her sister is back … and bent on revenge.