The End of the World is Rye

By Brett Cottrell


" The End of the World Is Rye is a top-notch urban fantasy. Funny and sharp, it doesn't choke a good story in whimsy. Fans of Preacher and Sandman will have a great time with this one."

– Garrett Cook, Time Pimp

What would you do for the perfect sandwich?



Well, if you were a rogue angel, you might just cause the Apocalypse. And it looks like that's just what he's about to do when he lands in a polygamist cult in Utah. So, now it's up to the rest of God's divine posse, including Jesus and Lucifer, to save all of existence from certain destruction.

In his debut novel, Brett Cottrell takes you on a provocative, celestial roller coaster ride that will have you laughing on the edge of your seat all the way to the gates of Hell.

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