Future Fiction:

New Dimensions in International Science Fiction

Edited by Francesco Verso and Bill Campbell


By Various


In its brief existence, Rosarium Publishing has worked hard in “introducing the world to itself” through groundbreaking, award-winning science fiction and comics. In combing the planet to find the best in each field, Rosarium's own Bill Campbell has found a fellow spirit in Italian publisher, Francesco Verso. Borrowing from the fine tradition of American underground dance labels introducing international labels' music to the people back home, Rosarium brings to you Future Fiction: New Dimensions in International Science Fiction, a thrilling collection of innovative science fiction originally published by Francesco Verso's Italian company, Future Fiction. Here you will find thirteen incredible tales from all around the globe that will not only introduce you to worlds you may not be familiar with but also expand your horizons and the horizons of the science fiction field itself.





“If you’ve been looking for a superb collection of speculative fiction from around the world; fiction that interrogates humanity’s technological, moral, and, evolutionary trajectory; fiction that doesn’t hesitate to probe our darkest fears and secret desires—if you’ve been looking for something like that, then I’m happy to say that you’re in luck.”


— Strange Horizons



Future Fiction deals in arresting themes and never shies away from polemical subject matter.”


— Alvaro Zinos-Amaro (Another Dimension)



“This collection is indicative of the fact that not only is the interest in SF and Fantasy a world-wide phenomenon, it shows there are very able practitioners of the genres in nearly every country. This is a limited sample, which hopefully is just the start of many more volumes in the future.”


Galen Strickland (The Templeton Gate)