Lion Man: The Tower

You hold in your hands a legacy. Originally published by Orrin C. Evans in All Negro Comics #1 in 1947, artist George Evans introduced Lion Man, starring a college-educated, African American hero tasked by the United Nations to protect a uranium deposit on Africa’s Gold Coast. While there, Lion Man adopts a mischievous orphan named Bubba and valiantly defends the uranium from the nefarious Dr. Sangro and his henchman Brosser. 

Evans attempted to publish a second issue but was unable to purchase the newsprint required because of prejudiced paper distributors. And so it was that Lion Man passed into the ether of history. 

Until Now!

Brought to you by the award-winning, visionary creative team of John Jennings and David Brame, Lion Man returns for his greatest mission yet! Someone, or rather something, is disturbing the Dreaming Veil, and it is up to Lion Man to save the very fabric of reality! To do so, he’ll have to unravel the mystery of The Tower, a strange spire that lies at the heart of the Dreaming Veil, and contains the key to humanity’s salvation, but also a peril the likes of which has never been. Join Lion Man as he travels to strange new worlds, faces down terrifying monsters, and summons all his courage, strength, and wits to save the day once again!

In The Future

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